CWA Custom Gear Wiki

Quarzite Gear

Scar Velgusus wears this suit as a protective layer to keep him breathing or warmed or whatever the planet has to throw at him.

It consists of the Quarzite Boba Fett Helmet, the Ancient Ermi Jedi Robes, and Kyle Katarn's Gloves and Boots.

The Most Compatible weapon combination for this gear is two Darksaber Hilts and one Orange Blade and one Yellow Blade.

Sith Master Gear

Scar has battled the Ancient Sith and come out victorious, now he wears robes to prove his power.

This consists Of Savage Oppress' Gloves, Boots, and Suit, and Captain Typho's Eyepatch.

To prove of his victory over Darth Maul he holds two Darth Maul's Lightsabers as well.