CWA Custom Gear Wiki

Diver Commander Cody[]

Diver Commander Cody uses Clone Diver Helmet, Phase II Commander Cody armour, Phase II Commander Cody gloves and Phase II Commander Cody boots. If you wish, you could also use the Clone Trooper Blaster or the Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle.

Old Republic Trooper[]

Old Republic Trooper uses Phase II Captain Rex armour, Phase II Captain Rex gloves and Phase II Captain Rex boots. The weapon (optional) is a Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle.

Future Police[]

Future Police uses Rako Hardeen Fugitive Helmet and Cad Bane Fugitive Boots, Gloves and Vest. Any weapon can be used with the gear.

Jango Fett[]

Jango Fett uses the full set of Death Watch armour and Quarzite Boba Fett pistols.